Peeler V PROPs: Sunday, April 15 2007

Never a club to allow the Bristol public to weary of its presence, the Peeler took to the field for its first game on English soil for some 10 years.

The PROPS Barbarians provided worthy opposition and finally ran out worthy winners by a number of tries to not quite so many. However, we must now take issue with some of the description of the day on the otherwise excellent PROPs' website - specifically this: "Hosted at the impressive new facilities of Broad Plain Rugby, the sixable crowd were treated to some fast-flowing open rugger with the Baba's taking an early lead."

Now I was there and I can assure you, dear reader, the crowd numbered considerably more than six. For a start there was that group of at least eight, grubby south-of-the-river children throwing the tin can about threateningly. Then there was that urchin adorned in the fox fur (a real one too - what was that about!?) Is that what the nouveau riche are all wearing in Bedminster these days? Finally of course there was the lovely Sarah who turned up late but who nevertheless almost made my day by sitting on the sidelines provocatively holding a tub of Vaseline. Yes, I made the obvious suggestion and although she had the good grace to laugh, my fantasies sadly remain just that.

As for the game itself, it was a highly-spirited performance especially in the second half by a feisty Peeler XV, who refused to lay down and give up in the face of a fine dogged opposition - (and that was just the referee).

It is perhaps invidious to single out players by name on occasions like this , so instead I will say well done to all my sons for a fine performance all round and to Steve White (more of a brother than a son really), who managed a excellent 10 minutes before the shoulder gave out again.

Thanks to Frazer and Spencer Halliday for organising the game and to PROPS themselves whose good work for charity speaks for itself. The Peeler now look forward to a successful tour to Poland (while I look forward to a week touring the monasteries of Athos ... what it is to get old). Spaces are still available - contact Frazer Halliday for YOUR ticket to the shipyards of Gdansk...



Visit the PROPS website to find out more about them and the charities they support