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The principal objective of The Peeler Invitation Sporting Club is to galvanize through sporting endeavour - interest in community, education and sport and to foster the development, goodwill and camaraderie of sport worldwide. This is achieved through active participation (both playing and coaching) in a wide range of activities whilst raising funds for a number of specially selected worthy causes.

In line with this principal objective, The Peeler RFC also has educational objectives which include the provision throughout the world of coaching for young persons, senior clubs, coaches and management in the skills, traditional spirit and gentlemanly sporting values of rugby football and, where appropriate, the provision of financial and other assistance for those youngsters, coaches or clubs.

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1979 Bristol Pub 7's Winners


       2009 Heineken Club 10's Winners





Gareth Llewellyn @PEELER OPEN 2008


Dave Hilton @ Bristol Imperial



 2009/ 2010 Sponsored Charity




2008/ 2009 Sponsored Charity



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